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Thinking about a new garage door? Garage Door Services of North Carolina offers quality and professional garage door replacement and installation services in Huntersville, NC. We sell and install almost every major brand or doors and openers in the garage door industry. 

Because Garage Door Services of NC only offers the highest quality garage door products, w offer a lifetime warranty for all the garage door hardware we offer.We will replace worn out garage door parts and springs with stronger and quieter products. We are here to ensure your new garage doors and openers work smoothly for years after their installation.

Huntersville, NC Garage Door Installations and Replacements


Huntersville Garage Door Opener Installations

Our trained garage door installation professionals at Garage Door Repair Services replace and install the following premier garage door brands in Huntersville, NC:

Amarr, Haas, LinearGenieLiftMaster, Gadco, HormannClopayWayne Dalton

When you replace your garage door, you’re making a valuable investment in your home. The door you choose will impact your homes energy usage and overall value. You want to choose a safe, quality model that compliments the appearance of your home. The garage doors we install in Huntersville can be broken down into three categories:


Non-insulated Garage Doors (GOOD)

Non-insulated garage doors are the standard quality garage door product we offer in Huntersville. This door is usually a 25 gauge steel, (most models can be upgraded to 24 gauge for extra strength. Example Amarr Heritage 1000, and Haas 240 series).  The steel products go through several enhancement processes to  prevent rust and wear: first the door is galvanized, then coated with several layers of epoxy primers before it is epoxy painted.   All of garage door products go though this process to ensure a long lastin, maintenance-free life. Non-insulated garage doors are always a sound choice when replacing your Huntersville garage door.

When your garage’s temperature isn’t a concern, a non-insulated door is an excellent choice. Cold and hot seasonal temperatures are easily absorbed by non-insulated doors. Composed of a single layer of sheet metal, non insulated doors are often louder when opening and closing. These doors lack the insulation to soften the sound of the door moving in the tracks – if looking for a quieter option, we suggest vinyl-back or steel-back insulated garage doors.

Amarr Stratford 1000 and Haas 250 Series

Vinyl-Back Insulated Doors (BETTER)

Vinyl-back insulated garage doors are our standard insulated product. For a garage door that resists seasonal temperature changes, vinyl-back insulated doors may be a better choice for your Huntersville home. This door is most often a 25 gauge steel, (most models can be upgraded to 24 gauge for extra strength. Example Amarr Heritage 2000, and Haas 240L series).  Like the non-insulated doors, the steel goes through several process to prevent rust.  Vinyl-back insulated doors are a better choice for you if you’re looking to make it more comfortable in the garage.

This garage door is much quieter than the non insulated model with vinyl back styrofoam (polystyrene) panels to muffle the sound.  The R Value is usually around 6.8 to 7.0, and makes a noticeable difference in temperature – this door will keep the summer heat and the winter cold out of your garage. The strength of the vinyl back insulated door matches that of the non-insulated models we offer. If you’re looking for a stronger door for your Huntersville home, we suggest a steel-back insulated garage door.

Amarr Stratford 2000 and Haas 250L Series

Steel Back Insulated Garage Door (BEST)

Steel-back garage doors are the best garage door product we offer to our Huntersville cutomers. The installation of a steel back insulated door is hands down your best choice if you are looking for a strong, long lasting product.  These garage doors usually have multiple steel layers (the outside layer and a layer on the inside of the door) that range between 26 gauge and 28 gauge.  The thinner layers allow for more strength with less material.  The steel goes through several process much like the non-insulated and vinyl back insulated garage doors ensure rust prevention. When looking into replacing your garage door, the installation of this product is a great choice if you are looking for a great looking door that is silent, durable, and energy efficient.

There are a lot differences from one Steel Back Insulated door to another.

These doors vary in the thickness (1 3/8” to 2”)to help with increasing the R Value, but the biggest factor affecting R Value and the strength of the door is, what is it insulated with.  

Other Huntersville garage door companies use polystyrene (syrofoam) this will give you an R Value of around 6.5 to 7.6.

Some brand examples of steel back garage doors are the:

Amarr Stratford 3000 and Heritage 3000

Some garage door manufactures offer models that are insulated with polyurethane – this  basically doubles your R Value and drastically increases the strength of the garage door.  The polyurethane is sprayed in and glues the front layer of steel with the back layer of steel.  Opening and closing will be extremely quiet because the sections will not be flexing and how everything is glued together with the polyurethane insulation.  These doors are also less likely to dent and have a very solid sound when you hit the panel, instead of a more hollow sound.

The R Values range from 12.4 to 17.66 depending on the thickness of the garage door and the density of the polyureathane used.  The great thing about polyurethane insulated garage doors are the price is pretty close to the same as the steel back doors insulated with syrofoam.  

Some examples that we have installed in Huntersville, NC are:

Haas 600 series (13.45 R Value), 700 series (16.18 R Value), and 2000 series (17.66 R Value)

Carriage House Style Amarr Classica 3000 and Haas American Traditions

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 Testimonials From Our Huntersville, NC Clients

My new doors you installed look great! I have had several neighbors ask about them and where I got them. Keith and Kyle were very nice and explained everything to me about my new doors and openers. They were very professional and friendly. I highly recommend Garage Door Services.

– J. Hill

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your exceptional service. Our new garage doors really add to the appearance of our home. We have received many compliments on them. The added insulation value has been noticed and it is nice to enter the garage now. The older ones made the garage feel like an oven in the summer and a freezer in the winter. Most of all we really appreciate your genuine work ethic and integrity. Trust is an invaluable asset to any business, and the way you have treated us is greatly appreciated.
– Kurt and Jackie Barkley